Music Credits: Kathy Gordon
Lyric Credits: Kathy Gordon
Producer Credits: Jimmy Taylor
Publisher Credits: Witty Kat Songworks
Performance Credits: Misti Peppard, Spence Peppard, Bryan Harkness, Jimmy Taylor
Label Credits: Independent


Leavin' It All Unmade
© Kathy Gordon 2020

Just walked by, looked to my right,
Stopped for a double take
Quilt half on, sheets half off
Bed table rearranged
Sweater over here, socks over there
Suitcase against the wall
Doesn't bother me at all

Kitchen's bright, shades pulled high
Fresh cup is on the way
She just smiles, we've got miles
Of time to put in today
A wreath by the door, tree on the floor, ornaments in the hall
Doesn't bother me at all.

That girl of mine sure makes my day
Love it when she finds the time to come and stay
And when she goes back home again
Thinking' I'll leave her bed unmade.

We're all done, family's comin'
I hear 'em at the door
Glad you're here, yeah, drop your stuff anywhere
I couldn't ask for more
It's a rowdy bunch, and I've got a hunch, we could be up all night long
Doesn't bother me at all

I see the sun break through the clouds
And I thank God for bringing them all around
Knowing they'll be going home again
Thinking I'll just leave it all unmade
They don't come around here every day
I may just leave it all unmade
For a day or two, or maybe just one
Yea..... just one